MĀĪĀ, BHĀĪ, a Lamb Khatrī of Suhand, identified as Sirhind by Bhāī Kāhn Siṅgh, Gurushabad Ratnākar Mahān Kosh, was a devotee of Gurū Hargobind. He regularly participated in the saṅgat and sang the holy hymns. According to Bhāī Manī Siṅgh, Sikhāṅ dī Bhagat Mālā, he once asked the Gurū, "There are some who perform kīrtan as a means to earn their living while there are others who earn their living through hard labour, share their victuals with others and also attend the holy assembly and recite hymns to please the Gurū. Pray enlighten us regarding their respective merit." Gurū Hargobind replied, "All who sing God's praise are blest, but those who do so without desire for reward attain Divine Bliss."


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