MALŪKĀ, village in Baṭhiṇḍā district of the Punjab, 18 km east of Jaito (30º-26'N, 74º-53'E), is sacred to Gurū Gobind Siṅgh who stopped here briefly travelling in the country in December 1705. Gurdwārā Tarūāṇā Sāhib Pātshāhī X is situated one kilometre east of the village marking the site where the Gurū is said to have camped. According to Mālvā Des Raṭan dī Sākhī Pothī, a sādhū of the Divānā order of mendicants came very early in the morning to meet the Gurū, and, despite protestation by the Sikh on duty that the Gurū was then sitting in meditation and was not to be disturbed, he tried to force his entry into the tent. The Divānā sādhū who had received a sword thrust as the Sikh tried to stop him, humbly requested at day-break for a glimpse of the Gurū. Gurū Gobind Siṅgh, says the Sākhī Pothī, had him ushered in and blessed him before he succumbed to the injury he had sustained. The present building of the Gurdwārā constructed in 1952, comprises a hall, with a square sanctum at the far end and a veranda on three sides. The Gurdwārā is administered by a local committee under the auspices of the Shiromaṇī Gurdwārā Parbandhak Committee.


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Major Gurmukh Siṅgh (Retd.)