MAÑJH, BHĀĪ, a well-to-do Rājpūt of Doābā country, converted a Sikh and earned repute for his piety, selfless service and complete surrender to the Gurū's will. His real name was Tīrathā and Mañjh was his clan name. He had been a follower of Sultān Sākhī Sarwar, a Muslim saint, until he once visited Gurū Arjan. He did not wish to leave the Gurū's presence and begged to be initiated a Sikh. He was told that to be a Sikh he would have to break away from his old beliefs and that he might thereby lose caste with his own people. Bhāī Mañjh was determined. He went home and closed the alcove reserved for the worship of Sakhī Sarwar. For this he was ostracized by his kinsmen and thrown out of the village. Bhāī Mañjh returned to Gurū Arjan and received initiation. He was assigned to collecting fuel for Gurū kā Laṅgar. Bhāī Mañjh performed his allotted task with complete dedication. One evening, as says Sarūp Dās Bhallā, Mahimā Prakāsh, he was returning with a load of firewood on his head when, blinded by a severe dust storm, he fell into a shallow well. He kept standing in the water the whole night holding his load on his head to save it from getting wet. As the report reached Gurū Arjan the next morning, he came accompanied by some of his Sikhs and rescued him. He embraced Bhāī Mañjh and spoke : "The Gurū loveth Mañjh as Mañjh loveth the Gurū. Mañjh is the vessel for men to ferry them across the ocean of existence.” Bhāī Mañjh was appointed to preach Sikh faith in his district. He established himself in the village of Kaṅg, 18 km west of Hoshiārpur, where Gurū Arjan is said to have visited him in 1595. A shrine,Gurdwārā Bābā Mañjh, at Kaṅg still commemorates him. People from the surrounding villages collect there on the first of each Bikramī month, and an annual fair is held on the first of Māgh (mid-January).


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