MANSŪRPUR, now commonly called Chhiṇṭāṅvālā because of its once-famous chintz-printing industry, is a historical old village, l4 km west of Nābhā (30º-22'N, 76º-9'E) in Patiālā district. Gurū Nānak once visited the place and put up with a follower, Chandan Dās, a Jāṛā Khatrī. A shrine was later established in the room on the first floor (chaubārā) where the Gurū had stayed. Although the building later collapsed, the shrine continued to be called and is still known as Gurdwārā Chaubārā Sāhib. It is situated in a half-acre compound still called Jāṛiāṅvālī Havelī, or the mansion of the Jāṛās. The Gurdwārā has been reconstructed in recent decades but the old compound walls and a number of rooms along it still stand. Only the ground floor of the central building has been completed. It is a 16-metre square hall with a 6-metre square sanctum in the middle. It is managed by a village committee.


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Major Gurmukh Siṅgh (Retd.)