MATHO MURĀRĪ, joint name of a couple Matho and her husband, Murārī, both blessed by Gurū Amar Dās. Murārī's real name was Premā. He was a native of the village of Khāī, now in Lahore district of West Punjab (Pakistan). Orphaned in early childhood and afflicted by leprosy, Premā had to beg to make a living. Once, having heard about the compassionate nature and spiritual eminence of Gurū Amar Dās, he made his way to Goindvāl and reached the Gurū's door. The Sikhs gave him food from Gurū kā Laṅgar, but would not allow him, a leper, to go in and see the Gurū. Yet the Gurū had Premā brought to him and took him under his care. He nursed him back to health. Premā was now an attractive-looking young man, and the Gurū renamed him Murārī. Bhāī Sīhāṅ, an Uppal Khatrī, gave, at the Gurū's suggestion but without the knowledge of his own wife, his daughter, Matho, in marriage to Murārī. When the girl's mother learnt about it, she came complaining to the Gurū that her daughter had been married to a nameless person whose parents and caste were not known. Gurū Amar Dās, in the words of Sarūp Dās Bhallā, Mahimā Prakāsh, replied: "Murārī, to whom your daughter has been married, is my son and Sikh. They shall be jointly known as Matho Murārī, your daughter's name preceding that of her husband." The mother was reconciled. The Gurū blessed the couple and appointed them to head a mañjī around Murārī's native Khāī.


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