MAYYĀ SIṄGH, a Saiṇī Sikh of Naushahrā in Amritsar district of the Punjab and a horseman of the Sikh army, fought in the battle of Rāmnagar on 22 November 1848, and joined thereafter the volunteer corps of Bhāī Mahārāj Siṅgh (d. 1856), leader of the popular revolt against the British. He participated in the battles of Sa'dullāpur and Gujrāt. After the defeat of the Sikh forces, Mayyā Siṅgh was in Bhāī Mahārāj Siṅgh's train at Dev Baṭālā in Jammū and at Sūjovāl, near Baṭālā. From the latter place he was sent to Lahore on a mission, and thus escaped arrest when Mahārāj Siṅgh and his companions were captured on the night of 28-29 December 1849. He, however, fell into the hands of the British soon afterwards.


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M. L. Āhlūwālīā