MĪHĀṄ SIṄGH (d. 1870), son of Rām Siṅgh, a Kāhloṅ Jaṭṭ of the village of Bhāgovālā, near Baṭālā, in Gurdāspur district, served under the Majīṭhīā chiefs and received jāgīrs from them. He was a minor when his father died in 1809 while serving in the force of Desā Siṅgh Majīṭhīā. Mīhāṇ Siṅgh, on becoming able to bear arms, was placed by Desā Siṅgh Majīṭhīā under his son Lahiṇā Siṅgh. He obtained an assignment of Rupees 2,200 per annum from the tribute of Maṇḍī, Kulū, Suket, Kāṅgṛā, Bilāspur and Nadauṇ on Lahiṇā Siṅgh's appointment as governor of the hill districts. Mīhāṅ Siṅgh was confirmed in his estate after the death in 1832 of Desā Siṅgh Majīṭhīā and was appointed thānedār at Amritsar. He died in 1870.


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G. S. Nayyar