MOHRĀ, a Brāhmaṇ of Wazīrābād in Gujrāṅwālā district (now in Pakistan Punjab), was the brother of Premā involved in the Premā conspiracy case. Both brothers had earlier served under the ḍogrā rājā, Gulāb Siṅgh. After the arrest of his brother in May 1847, Mohrā joined Bhāī Mahārāj Siṅgh; a Sikh revolutionary leading a resistance movement against the British. He was with him in Jammū and again joined him at Sūjovāl, near Baṭālā. It was at his suggestion that a plan was made to rescue Mahārājā Duleep Siṅgh from British hands.


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M. L. Āhlūwālīā