MŪL RĀJ, DĪWĀN, governor of Hazārā during Sikh times, was connected through family ties with Misr Belī Rām, an influential courtier. During the prime ministership of Rājā Hīrā Siṅgh (1843-44) when Misr Belī Rām was imprisoned, Dīwān Mūl Rāj too was suspected of disloyalty towards the State. He was placed under the supervision of Rājā Gulāb Siṅgh and was asked to render accounts. Hīrā Siṅgh was himself replaced by Jawāhar Siṅgh as prime minister. During the Latter's time, Dīwān Mūl Rāj rendered much help in the restoration of order among the rebellious tribes of the frontier said to have been instigated by Rājā Gulāb Siṅgh, but was shortly afterwards replaced by Chatar Siṅgh Aṭārīvālā as governor of Hazārā. At the end of the first Anglo-Sikh war (1845-46), he was appointed nāzim or administrator of Piṇḍ Dādan Khān, with the revenues of certain salt districts farmed out to him. In 1847, however, the inspection of his accounts revealed certain irregularities and he was relieved of his charge and asked to make good 4,00,000 rupees outstanding against him. Failing to pay up the sum he was arrested and was, along with his two brothers, detained in the Fort of Gobindgaṛh at Amritsar.


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G. S. Chhābṛā