MUMTĀZ, according to Sarūp Siṅgh Kaushish, Gurū kīāṅ Sākhīāṅ, was the daughter of Nihaṅg Khān, Muslim chief of Koṭlā Nihaṅg Khān near Ropaṛ. She served the Sikh warrior Bhāī Bachittar Siṅgh who, severely wounded in a skirmish after the evacuation of Anandpur in December 1705, had been brought to her father's house. To throw the pursuers off the scent, Nihaṅg Khān told them that the wounded person in the house was his son-in-law. Even Mumtāz declared Bhāī Bachittar Siṅgh to be her husband. The latter, though well looked after by his hosts, did not survive and succumbed to his injuries.


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Gurnek Siṅgh