PAHĀṚ SINGH MĀN (d. 1813) was son of Sarjā Siṅgh, of the Mughal Chakk family of the Māns. He entered the service of the Sukkarchakkīās under Chaṛhat Siṅgh as a trooper and later became a commander. Under Mahāṅ Siṅgh, he served with distinction in the campaigns of Koṭlī and Siālkoṭ. In 1799, a Sukkarchakkīā-Kanhaiyā force,6,000 strong, marched against the Chaṭṭhā chief, Pīr Muhammad, whose territories extended on the eastern side of the river Chenāb. Pahāṛ Siṅgh led a contingent and distinguished himself in the battle of Rasūlnagar. The victory in the battle secured him jāgīrs worth Rs 11,000 near Rasūlnagar, renamed Rāmnagar. Pahāṛ Siṅgh took part in several campaigns under Mahārājā Raṇjīt Siṅgh, including that of Attock in 1813. He occupied Attock by subduing its Afghān governor, Jahāṅdād Khān. Pahāṛ Siṅgh died in 1813.At the time of his death his jāgīrs amounted to over 2,00,000 rupees annually.


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B. J. Hasrat