POTHĪ ĀSĀVARĪĀṄ, pothī, i.e. book, comprising discourses of some of the saints of the Sevāpanthī sect. Since the sermons are interspersed with hymns composed by saints who used to sing them at their saṅgats in Āsāvarī rāga or musical measure, the book is called Pothī Āsāvarīāṅ. The language of the book is Punjabi, with a fair mixture of Braj and Sādh Bhākhā. The book was compiled by Bhāī Sahaj Rām, a Sevāpanthī saint, between 1791-1811 when he happened to be staging with the head of the sect, Bhāī Aḍḍaṇ Shāh, in company with some 250 other saints.

         It was first published in 1912 by Bhāī Amar Siṅgh and later reprinted in 1955 and 1967 by the Sevāpanthī-Aḍḍaṇ Shāhī Sabhā, Paṭiālā. The main stress in these discourses is on the purity of thought and conduct and on the contemplation of the Divine Name which alone leads to liberation.


    Gurmukh Singh, Sevāpanthīāṅ dī Pañjābī Sāhit nūṅ Deṇ, Patiala,1986

Gurmukh Siṅgh