PRITHĀ, BHĀĪ, and Bhāī Kheḍā, both Soinī Khatrīs, who figure in Bhāī Gurdās' list of the leading Sikhs of Gurū Nānak(Vārāṅ,XI. 13),first met the Gurū at Kartārpur. As they arrived, Gurū Nānak, says Bhāī Manī Siṅgh, Sikhāṅ dī Bhagat Mālā, was speaking with his disciples. Prithā and his companion sat down and listened attentively. At the end, the Gurū enquired of them the purpose of their visit. Bhāī Prithā said, "Pray, grant us the gift of contentment so that we need to seek nothing whatsoever. Refuge at thy feet is all we ask for." The Gurū spoke, "Seek refuge in saṅgat, fellowship of the holy. The body is material (hence, impermanent); it is the sabad (the Word) that is everlasting. So is union with sabad. Simultaneously, do not neglect to apply yourself diligently to earning your living and to sharing your victuals with the needy." Bhāī Prithā and Bhāī Kheḍā took the precept and, as says Bhāī Gurdās, led a life of sukh-sahaj, i.e, peace and equipoise.


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