PRITHĪ CHAND ḍAḍHVĀL (d.1696) was one of the hill chieftains who sided with Bhīm Chand, the ruler of Kahlūr, in the battle of Nadauṇ fought on 20 March 1691 against Alif Khān, the deputy of Mīāṅ Khān, governor of Jammū. Gurū Gobind Siṅgh helped Bhīm Chand and his allies in this battle, which they won. In 1696, Dilāwar Khān, Mughal chief, sent an expedition under his commander Husain Khān to chastise the hill chiefs. Husain Khān overran the Ḍaḍhvāl territory, subjugated a part of Kāṅgṛā, won over the ruler of Kahlūr and invested Guler, whose ruler Rāj Siṅgh (Rājā Gopāl of the Bachitra Nāṭak) sought Gurū Gobind Siṅgh's help toward off the Mughal invasion. Husain waged war against the Gurū's force and his hill allies. In the battle, fought at Guler, Husain was slain in action. So was Rājā Prithī Chand who had been fighting on the side of Rājā Rāj Siṅgh.


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K. S. Thāpar