PRITHĪ MALL, BHĀĪ, a Bhallā Khatrī, resident of the village of ḍallā, now in Kapūrthalā district of the Punjab. Once, as Gurū Amar Dās visited ḍallā, he, accompanied by another Bhallā Khatrī of the village, Bhāī Tulsā, called on him and proudly announced that they too were of the Bhallā caste to which he (the Gurū) himself belonged. According to Bhāī Manī Siṅgh, Gurū Amar Dās remarked, "The Gurū has no caste. Castes and clans are attached only to the body which is destructible." Another couplet from Gurū Nānak: "Neither caste nor position will be recognized hereafter. Totally differently are men known there. They alone will be pronounced good whose merit is recognized worthy of honour" (GG,469). Prithī Mall and Tulsā, shedding their false pride, fell at the Gurū's feet and took the Gurū's precept.


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Balbīr Siṅgh Dil