QILĀ GUJJAR SIṄGH, a residential area within the limits of Lahore, was designated a "fort" when in April 1765 the city was parcelled out among the three Bhāṅgī Sardārs, Gujjar Siṅgh, Lahiṇā Siṅgh and Sobhā Siṅgh. The area outside the walled city of Lahore, about five square miles, towards the Shālāmār side, fell to the share of Sardār Gujjar Siṅgh. An entrance gateway was constructed by the Sardār to demarcate his "kingdom". Since then the area has been known as Qilā (Fort) Gujjar Siṅgh. However, in spite of being ruled by the Bhāṅgī Sardār independently, the enclave remained part of the city of Lahore. The British built in this area the railway station and the police lines.


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B. S. Nijjar