QUTB UD-DĪN (d.1832), younger brother of Nizām ud-Dīn, the Afghān chief of Kasūr, succeeded to the gaddī of Kasūr on the latter's death in 1802. He began fortifying Kasūr in an endeavour to overthrow the authority of Raṇjīt Siṅgh whose tributary he was. Raṇjīt Siṅgh led an expedition against him in 1807. A battle was fought on 10 February and the Afghāns were forced to take shelter inside the Fort. The siege lasted a month before the Fort fell. The Sikh force entered the Fort, Qutb ud-Dīn was captured and Kasūr was annexed to the Sikh kingdom. Qutb ud-Dīn was allowed to retain Mamdoṭ, across the Sutlej, as a jāgīr on payment of a nominal tribute. In the joint Sikh Afghān expedition against Kashmīr, Qutb ud-Dīn accompanied the Sikh force. In 1831, Nizām ud Dīn's son, Fateh Khān, revolted against his uncle, Qutb ud-Dīn, who was severely wounded in the clash that took place. He fled to Amritsar where he died in 1832.


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