RAHIT DARPAṆ, lit. a mirror or code of conduct, is one of the thirty-seven rahitnāmās written by various authors and collected by Bhagvān Siṅgh under the title Bar Bimal Bibekbārdhī, popularly known as Bibekbārdhī. Rahit Darpaṇ, written in Punjabi verse, is the work of Bhagvān Siṅgh himself, which he completed on Phāgun sudī 7,1957 Bk/February 1901. The manuscript, which was till recently available with one Natthā Siṅgh of Paṭiālā, runs into 134 pages, each page being of 8 𔃱/4" x 13 𔃱/4" size. Written in blue ink, the manuscript includes the salutation Srī Vāhigurū jī kī Fateh (Victory be to God) and also bears the inscription satnām sat gurū prasād instead of the usual form ik oṅkār satgur prasād. Unlike most of the other rahitnāmās, this rahitnāmā cannot be accepted as an authentic exposition of the Sikh tenets and the Sikh way of life. It is known for the author's obvious bias for popularizing rituals and beliefs unacceptable and, sometimes, contrary to the Sikh tenets.

K. S. Thāpar