RĀM CHANDRA, PROFESSOR, born into a Kāyastha family in 1821 at Pānīpat. Professor Rām Chandra became a distinguished teacher of mathematics. He joined the English school at Delhi in 1833 and earned a merit scholarship. At the age of 11, he was lured into marrying a girl who was completely dumb and deaf. Himself in frail health, he took out retirement from the English school which he had joined as a teacher. On 11 March 1852, he took baptism and converted a Christian. In 1866 he was appointed tutor to the Sikh Mahārājā Rājinder Siṅgh of the princely state of Paṭiālā. During his tenure, plans for the setting up of Mohindrā College for the teaching of European science were formulated and the college, then affiliated to Calcutta University, was started. Rām Chandra returned to Calcutta to resume publication of his scientific works, but was recalled to Paṭiālā during the time of Mahārājā Rājinder Siṅgh. His contribution towards Urdu journalism and promotion of English education was acknowledged by the state with a grant of khill'at and jāgīr.

         Rām Chandra died in Delhi on 11 August 1880 following an attack of paralysis.

Hardev Siṅgh Virk