RĀM DIĀL, DĪWĀN (1798-1820), a general in the Sikh army, was the eldest son of Dīwān Motī Rām. He is said to have become a divisional commander at the age of 16. In 1814, during the second expedition of Kashmīr, he had independent command of a force of 30,000 men, besides charge of commissariat. Rām Dīal took part in several other military expeditions. He was sent out aganist the Yūsafzaīs in Hazārā, and he fought in Multān under Misr Dīvān Chand in 1818 when the town was finally taken by the Sikhs.

         In 1819, Rām Dial was appointed governor of Attock and Hazārā where the Yūsafzaīs had again risen in revolt. In 1820, he led an expedition against the turbulent tribes of Hazārā and the surrounding areas gathered in large numbers at Gandgaṛh. But the mass of Afghān tribes proved too formidable a force. Rām Dial was obliged to retreat, but was ambushed on the way and killed. The Mahārājā felt deeply grieved at the death of the veteran soldier.


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Harī Rām Gupta