RĀM DĪAL, RĀI (d. 1863), news writer and vakīl of the Sikh kingdom at Fīrozpur, was the son of Rāi Anand Siṅgh, after whose death he was sent to Ludhiāṇā as vakīl in 1827. Shortly thereafter he was recalled to Lahore and, in 1832, was sent to Anandpur Sāhib to settle the dispute among the Soḍhīs, who ruled the town on behalf of the Lahore Darbār. Rām Diāl remained there for five years and was, on his return to Lahore in 1837, honoured with a jāgīr in Ludhiāṇā district. Later, he was appointed the Darbār's vakīl at Fīrozpur. His despatches from Fīrozpur deal with events such as the meeting between Lord Auckland and Mahārājā Raṇjīt Siṅgh in December 1838, the military pageant of Lord Ellenborogh in 1842, the return of General Pollock's army at Fīrozpur after the successful Kābul campaign, and the discovery of Rājā Suchet Siṅgh's treasure of 1,500,000 rupees at Fīrozpur on the eve of the first Anglo-Sikh war.

         Rāi Rām Diāl died at Lahore in 1863, survived by two sons, Rāi Ghasīṭā Mall and Rāi Basheshar Siṅgh. The latter, who was a municipal commissioner at Batālā, died in 1889.


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B. S. Nijjar