RĀM SIṄGH (d. 1836), son of Bhagat Siṅgh, descended from the Īsāpur branch of the Randhāvā family founded by his grandfather Dasaundhā Siṅgh. Dasaundhā Siṅgh, on receiving the Sikh initiatory rites in 1730, entered the service of Ādīnā Beg and remained with him for several years before joining the Bhāṅgī clan. Rām Siṅgh took up service under Mahārājā Raṇjīt Siṅgh about the year 1804. In recognition of his services in different campaigns, he was granted jāgīrs in 1818 to the value of five lakh of rupees, subject to the service of seven hundred horse and two thousand infantry. In 1822, Rām Siṅgh was placed under Prince Khaṛak Siṅgh and two years later he was shifted to Rājā Suchet Siṅgh’s division.

        Rām Siṅgh died in 1 836.


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G. S. Nayyar