RAṆDHĪR SIṄGH, RĀJĀ (1831-1870), was born in March 1831, the eldest son of Rājā Nihāl Siṅgh of Kapūrthalā. He ascended the throne of Kapūrthalā after his father's death in 1852. At the time of the 1857 uprising, the Rājā helped the British with supplies and personally led his troops to Oudh. The British rewarded him with the title of Rājā-i-Rājgān, the right of adoption and other concessions, and with the grant of territories in the province of Āgrā and Oudh.

         Rājā Raṇdhīr Siṅgh died at Aden on 2 April 1870 on his way to England, and was cremated at Nasik on the bank of the Godāvarī where a handsome monument honours his memory.


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Sardār Siṅgh Bhāṭīā