RATAN CHAND (d.1857), son of Kanhaiyā Lāl, was a munshī or writer at the Lahore Darbār from 1831 to 1839. His father had also served under Mahārājā Raṇjīt Siṅgh as had his grandfather, Shiv Diāl. Ratan Chand held charge of Raṇjīt Siṅgh's private seal. This was the Mahārājā's small signet which, along with the large one, was affixed to most documents. Ratan Chand, as the keeper of the small seal, received an allowance of two per cent on all khill'ats and money presence made by the Mahārājā and of five per cent on all new jāgīrs. He was afterwards made commandant in the Ghoṛchaṛhā Khās. During the reign of Mahārājā Sher Singh he held various offices at Lahore, and became a man of considerable influence: He accompanied Rājā Lāl Siṅgh to Jammū in February 1845, and was with the party of Fateh Siṅgh Mān when that chief was assassinated by Rājā Gulāb Siṅgh at Jammū. After the annexation of the Punjab, his jāgīrs were resumed by the British. Ratan Chand died in 1857.


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