ROḍĀ SIṄGH, a Ghadr leader, was the son of Vasāvā Siṅgh, of the village of Roḍe, in Farīdkoṭ district. Poverty compelled him to leave his village and seek his fortune in Shanghai where he was a night watchman in the Chinese post office. He set out for India on board the S. S. Mushima Maru, reaching Colombo on 25 October 1914 and then proceeding to the Punjab.

         Roḍā Siṅgh was arrested and tried in the first Lahore conspiracy case and was sentenced to transportation for life with forfeiture of property. He died in the Cellular jail in the Andamans as a result of the severe treatment meted out to him as a prisoner.


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Sohan Siṅgh Josh