RŪP CHAND, BHĀĪ (1614-1709), ancestor of the Bhāī family of Bāgaṛīāṅ, was born in 1614, the son of Bhāī Sādhū and Māī Surtī, a carpenter couple of Tuklāṇī village in Farīdkoṭ district. Sādhū was a follower of Sākhī Sarwar, a Muslim pīr, variously called Lakhdātā or Lālāṅvālā, who enjoyed considerable popularity and influence in the area. Sādhu's wife professed the Sikh faith and she was able to persuade her husband once to accompany her to see Gurū Hargobind who was on a visit to ḍaraulī Bhāī, near Tuklāṇī. No sooner had Bhāī Sādhū set his eyes upon the Gurū than he felt deeply moved and was converted. The couple received the Gurū's blessings. After some time they again visited Daraulī with their first-born son whom the Gurū named Rūp Chand.

         When during 1631 Gurū Hargobind was again travelling through the Mālvā country, he met Bhāī Rūpā, as Rūp Chand was commonly called, near the village of Gumaṭī in Baṭhiṇḍā district. The latter, then barely sixteen, was working in the fields along with his father. He served cold water to the Gurū. The Gurū was pleased to receive the refreshment and he encouraged the father and son to lay the foundation of their own village. The new village, about 5 km to the east of Gumaṭī, was called Bhāī Rūpā.

         Bhāī Rūp Chand became a widely respected preacher of the Sikh faith in the Mālvā region. As his end approached, he established a gurdwārā in honour of Gurū Hargobind at Bhāī kī Samādh or Samādh Bhāī village to commemorate the Gurū's visit. Bhāī Rūp Chand died there on Sāvan vadī 1, 1766 Bk/28 May 1709. It is his own Samādh here which gives the village its name.

         Bhāī Rūp Chand had seven sons of whom two, Dharam Siṅgh and Param Siṅgh, received the rites of the Khālsā at the hands of Gurū Gobind Siṅgh at Damdamā Sāhib (Talvaṇḍī Sābo) and accompanied the Gurū during his journey further to the South. After some time the Gurū advised them to return to the Punjab and preach the Gurū's word.

         Bāgaṛīāṅ family is descended from Bhāī Dharam Siṅgh.


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Major Gurmukh Siṅgh (Retd.)