SADHĀRAṆ, SANT, was the name given by Gurū Amar Dās to one of his devoted Sikhs, a carpenter of Goindvāl, who had made a long wooden ladder for use in the bāolī, or open well, then under construction. Pleased with his devotion and industry, Gurū Amar Dās called him Sant (saint) Sadhāraṇ (simple), and bestowed on him a mañjī i.e. priesthood of a diocese. Sadhāraṇ shifted to Bakālā (present Bābā Bakālā in Amritsar district), where he preached Gurū Nānak’s word and where his descendants still live.They have a small shrine built there in his memory.


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Balbīr Siṅgh Dil