SĀDHŪ SIṄGH AKĀLĪ (d.1818), known for his daring exploits during the final Sikh assault on Multān under Mahārājā Raṇjīt Siṅgh in 1818. On 2 June when the fort wall was breached by cannonading, Akālī Sādhū Siṅgh accompanied by a few of his companions rushed through the breach and closed in on the Afghān defenders. The old Nawāb and his sons donned the green garb and with drawn swords "came out to answer the call of the angel of death." Nawāb Muzaffar Khān, his two sons and a nephew were killed and so were Sādhū Siṅgh and his men. But the citadel was captured by the Sikhs.


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Gulcharan Siṅgh