SAHĀRĪ MALL, BHĀĪ, a Soḍhī Khatrī of Lahore, was the first cousin of Gurū Rām Dās. Although older than the Gurū in age, he revered him like a disciple. Once Sahārī Mall visited Amritsar to invite Gurū Rām Dās to the wedding of his son. The latter deputed his youngest son, Arjan, to represent him at the marriage, and told him to remain in Lahore and preach Gurū Nānak’s word until recalled. Arjan remained in Lahore for several months, and Sahārī Mall served him as if he was the Gurū himself. This embarrassed Arjan who, as says Bhāī Manī Siṅgh, Sikhāṅ dī Bhagat Mālā, spoke: "Revered uncle, I am your nephew. I should serve you rather than you serving me."

        Sahārī Mall replied, "You are a mahāpurakh, the exalted one. Do not deprive me of the privilege of serving you. Your devotion as a Sikh is unmatched. Pray bestow upon me the gift of faith too." The future Gurū, Arjan remarked, "You already possess the quality of a true Sikh for your mind is humble."


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