SĀĪṄ DĀS, BHĀĪ (d. 1631), married to Rāmo, the elder sister of Gurū Hargobind's wife, Mātā Dāmodarī, lived in Ḍaraulī, renamed Ḍaraulī Bhāī after him, in present-day Mogā district. He became a Sikh under the influence of his wife and her father, Narāiṇ Dās. Such was his devotion to Gurū Hargobind that, once as he constructed a new house, he vowed that he would not occupy it until the Gurū had blessed it by a visit. Gurū Hargobind did visit Ḍaraulī with his mother and wife and stayed with Bhāī Sāīṅ Dās in his new house for a considerable time awaiting the birth of his first child, Bābā Gurdittā. This was in 1613. Eighteen years later, Mātā Dāmodarī, on another visit to Ḍaraulī, expired in the home of Sāīṅ Dās after a brief illness. Sāīṅ Dās' wife, Rāmo, pined away at the loss of her sister and died soon after. Bhāī Sāīṅ Dās did not survive her long and died in 1631.


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