SAMĀNĀ (30º-11'N, 76º-11'E), an old historic town 30 km southwest of Paṭiālā, was visited by Gurū Tegh Bahādur, who arrived here from Saifābād, now Bahādurgaṛh. A troop of imperial soldiers had been in pursuit of him and, to afford him a safe asylum, Muhammad Bakhsh, a local Muslim noble of Sūfī leanings who is said to have already met the Gurū at Saifābād, took him to his own house in Gaṛhī Nazīr 3 km away. The Gurū had thus stayed at Samānā only for a short while. In 1709, Bandā Siṅgh Bahādur attacked and destroyed vengefully the town which had supplied headsmen for the execution of Gurū Tegh Bahādur and the two younger sons of Gurū Gobind Siṅgh. The only Sikh shrine in Samānā was established but in the recent decades. It is called Gurdwārā Thaṛā Sāhib and marks the site where Gurū Tegh Bahādur is supposed to have halted before being escorted to Gaṛhī Nazīr.

        The Gurdwārā, a modern flat-roofed building with a small sarovar attached to it, is managed by the Nihaṅgs.


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Major Gurmukh Siṅgh (Retd.)