SAṄGAT SIṄGH, son of Lahaurā Siṅgh, was one of the followers of Bandā Siṅgh Bahādur collectively known as Bandāi Khālsā, a faction set against the mainstream Tat Khālsā. Bhāī Manī Siṅgh tried to settle the issue by floating two slips of paper carrying the names of two contestants in the holy water. The slip which floated across was declared to be the winner. The Bandaīs, by and large, accepted their defeat and joined the Tat Khālsā, yet many among them remained adamant. The next solution suggested was a wrestling duel between a champion each from the two factions. Saṅgat Siṅgh came forward as the Bandaī champion. Opposite him was Bhāī Mīrī Siṅgh, son of Bābā Kāhn Siṅgh and grandson of Bābā Binod Siṅgh Trehan. The latter emerged as the winner, and Saṅgat Siṅgh with his supporters joined as a whole the Tat Khālsā.


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Major Gurmukh Siṅgh (Retd.)