SANT SIṄGH (1906-1989), born in Amritsar in 1906, had an aristocratic upbringing. In his youth he was known to be a dandy. A horse-drawn phaeton was his common mode of transport. After the death of his father, he took to the family business and set up as a seriousminded government contractor. Added to this was the imprint of Bhāī Vīr Siṅgh whom he revered as a saiṅt of great sanctity.

        About this time (1944) he joined the Chief Khālsā Dīwān and continued to be its honorary secretary for nearly half a century. He kept himself aloof from all tangles and controversies. For this he enjoyed wide esteem and goodwill. He was vice-president of the Khālsā College managing committee and president of a number of local societies and foundations.

        He was a studious freemason and Rotarian. Horse-riding was his favourite hobby. At an advanced stage he started taking lessons in driving.

         Sant Siṅgh died on 3 January 1989.

Dilbīr Siṅgh