SANTOKH DĀS, an Udāsī sant belonging to the Saṅgat Sāhib Ke sub-sect, is remembered for the construction of the haṅslī, a water channel taken off the Shāhī Nahar, an irrigation canal, for the regular supply of water for the sacred tanks in Amritsar. This feat he accomplished in collaboration with Mahant Prītam Dās, another Udāsī sādhū, during 1781-84. Like Prītam Dās, Santokh Dās had also established an akhāṛā or monastery close to the Harimandar at Amritsar, which is known as Brahm Būṭā after Santokh Dās' successor, Brahm Dās or Brahm Sāhib. Long after these events, Santokh Dās and some other saints of his sub-sect developed differences with the central Udāsī organization, the Pañchāyatī Akhāṛā, and in 1840 set up under his leadership a separate body named Srī Gur Nayā Akhāṛā Udāsīn, popularly known as Udāsīāṅ dā Chhoṭā Akhāṛā.


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Sarmukh Siṅgh Amole