SATĪ DĀS, BHĀĪ (d.1675), the martyr, was the younger brother of Dīwān Matī Dās. According to Bhaṭṭ Vahī Talauḍā he served Gurū Tegh Bahādur as a cook. He was, under imperial warrant, detained along with the Gurū at Dhamtān, as the latter was travelling to the eastern parts in 1665. He was again in attendance upon the Gurū when, in 1675, the latter left Anandpur resolved to court martyrdom. The Gurū and his companions were arrested on the way and taken to Delhi. Like his brother Matī Dās, Satī Dās refused to perjure his faith and was tortured to death. Wrapped up in cotton wool, he was set afire and roasted alive. This happened on 11 November 1675-- the day Gurū Tegh Bahādur was executed.


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A. C. Banerjee