SHAMĪR SlṄGH ṬHEṬHAR (d.1824), soldier and a minor commander in the Sikh times. He was the son of Prem Siṅgh, of the village of Ṭheṭhar, near Lahore, and brother of Lakkhā Siṅgh along with whom he entered the service of Sukkarchakkīās. Shamīr Siṅgh fought in the battle of Rasūlnagar in 1778-79 under Mahāṅ Siṅgh, who had joined hands with Jai Siṅgh, of the Kanhaiyā misl, against Pīr Muhammad Khān Chaṭṭhā. To recover the famous cannon Zamzamā, which the Bhaṅgī chief Jhaṇḍā Siṅgh had left with Pīr Muhammad Khān, the Sikh chiefs attacked Rasūlnagar. It is claimed that Shamīr Siṅgh killed the Chaṭṭhā chief with a musket-shot during the siege. Shamīr Siṅgh built the Fort of Gobindgaṛh at Amritsar at Mahārājā Raṇjīt Siṅgh's order and became its first qilādār (commandant). He served in the expedition of Kasūr (1807). In 1819, the Mahārājā appointed him the thānedār of Nūrpur. He held a jāgīr in Gujrāṅwālā. He died in 1824.


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B. J. Hasrat