SHĪHĀṄ, recorded in a Sikh chronicle as the birthplace of Akālī Phūlā Siṅgh, celebrated warrior of Sikh times, was village 10 km from Lahirā (29º-56'N, 75º-48'E), now in Saṅgrūr district of the Punjab. What remains of the village now is a ruined mound near an extensive depression forming a big shallow lake. The mound lies in the revenue limits of Ḍehlā village, whose saṅgat has now established a gurdwārā near the mound, one kilometre west of the village. It is called Gurdwārā Bābā Phūlā Siṅgh Akālī. A Nihaṅg Siṅgh looks after the shrine on behalf of the village saṅgat.


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Major Gurmukh Siṅgh (Retd.)