SOHAN LĀL (d. 1888), son of Chhajjū, the goldsmith, of Charkhī Dādrī in the princely state of Jīnd, was the steward of the estates of Ṭhākur Siṅgh Sandhāṅvālīā's mother-in-law, Rāṇī Kishan Kaur of Ballabgaṛh. Ṭhākur Siṅgh, who had set up an emigre government in Pondicherry in behalf of the deposed Mahārājā Duleep Siṅgh, utilized Sohan Lāl's services to have secret letters delivered to men of influence such as Rājā Narendra Bahādur, the Peshkār to the Nizām of Hyderābād, the Rājās of Nābhā, Paṭiālā, Jīnd and Farīdkoṭ seeking their help. Sohan Lal kept circulating stories about the arrival of foreign troops --Russian, Turk and Afghān-- to have Duleep Siṅgh installed as Mahārājā of the Punjab. In September 1887, Sohan Lāl was arrested by the British. He died in March 1888 while still under detention.


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K. S. Thāpar