SRĪ FATEH SIṄGH PRATĀP PRABHĀKAR, an undated manuscript preserved in the Punjab State Archives, Paṭiālā, under accession No. M/ 774, is an account of the life and achievements of Sardār Fateh Siṅgh Āhlūvālīā (1784-1836). The manuscript since published, by Joginder Kaur (1981), comprises 401 folios, size 23x17 cm, each containing 16 lines.The author, Rām Sukh Rāo, a tutor to Fateh Siṅgh during the latter's childhood, wrote this chronicle as well as two others, Srī Jassā Siṅgh Binod and Bhāg Siṅgh Chandrodaya, at the instance of his pupil and patron. The author being an eye witness to events recorded in this manuscript is more authentic here than in the other two works. Fateh Siṅgh's army and its weapons and methods of warfare, contemporary politics and diplomacy as also territorial disputes and alliances and relations with the British as well as with the Sikh sovereign of Lahore are elaborately dealt with in Srī Fateh Siṅgh Pratāp Prabhākar. The work provides useful information in respect of the central as well as local and revenue administration in Kapūrthalā state during the early nineteenth century, social history of the time, the common people, professional classes, customs and ceremonies, economic activity and trade and industry.

B. S. Nijjar