SULABĪ KHĀN, a nephew of Sulahī Khān, bore Gurū Arjan a personal grudge thinking that his uncle had died as a result of Gurū Arjan's curse. Abetted by Chandū Shāh, who had his own axe to grind, to take revenge on the Gurū, Sulabī Khān set out with a troop of soldiers, and headed for Amritsar. But, according to Gurbilās Chhevīṅ Pātshāhī he was accosted on the way by another group of soldiers, who had been in the employ of his uncle but had not been paid for their services for a long time. They now demanded the payment of their arrears. Sulabī Khān tried to put them off pleading ignorance of the dues. The irate soldiers attacked him and killed him on the spot. Sulabī Khān's own contingent did not interfere and went back to Lahore.


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