ṬAHL SIṄGH CHHĀCHHĪ (d.1785), a Kohlī Khatrī, first entered the service of the Khaṭṭar sardārs but later joined Sardār Chaṛhat Siṅgh Sukkarchakkīā and received from him, in 1741, jāgīrs comprising several villages, including Mīāṅ Daūd Khel. Ṭahl Siṅgh also made conquests on his own account and captured territories from the Paṭhāns of Makhad. He died in 1785 and was succeeded in his jāgīrs by his sons Jassā Siṅgh, Fateh Siṅgh and Sher Siṅgh. Jassā Siṅgh died in 1790, but his brothers, Fateh Siṅgh and Sher Siṅgh, served Mahārājā Raṇjīt Siṅgh through his early campaigns and received large additions to their estates at Sāhīvāl and Kuñjāh.


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G. S. Nayyar