TAPĪYĀ SIṄGH, MAHANT (1892-1980), was a master of the Sikh scholarly texts besides being learned in Āyurveda and Sanskrit grammar. He was born into a Sarāo Jaṭṭ family of Lehal Kalāṅ in Saṅgrūr district. He was a descendant of Bābā Ark who had been blessed by Gurū Tegh Bahādur himself. One of his ancestors, Bhāī Mall Siṅgh, was the founder-Mahant of Dhamtān Sāhib also known as the Deoṛi (gateway) of Hazūr Sāhib, Nāndeḍ. His brother, Bhāī Mevā Siṅgh, was the keeper of the shrine, commemorating the visit of Gurū Tegh Bahādur to Lehal Kalāṅ and the samādhī of Bābā Ark, adjoining the shrine. Tapīyā Siṅgh had been a leading Sikh of the Bāṅgar country. In the forties he received from the Sikh Sampradāya the historical title of Mahant which had been denied to him by the rulers of Paṭiālā state. Under his stewardship, Dhamtān Sāhib became the rallying point of the region which now constitutes the heartland of Haryāṇā.

Raṇbīr Siṅgh