TĀRĀ CHAND, DĪWĀN (d.1858), son of Dīwān Karam Chand, entered the Sikh service in 1822. His first employment was in Peshāwar under Dīwān Kirpā Rām. He was sent in the following year to Kāṅgṛā, with civil and military authority, to collect the revenues, and in 1832 was tranferred to Fīrozpur. Tārā Chand was afterwards made Dīwān and placed incharge of Bannū, Ṭoṅk and Ḍerā Ismāīl Khān, but was unsuccessful in controlling the turbulent inhabitants there. Pleading ill health, he left the Punjab in 1838 for Banāras, where he died in 1858.


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