TEJĀ SIṄGH, SANT, earlier name Narañjan Siṅgh was born on 14 May 1877 in a Mahitā Khatrī family (father : Ralīā Siṅgh : mother : Sadā Kaur) at the village of Ballovālī, in Gujrāṅwālā district of the Punjab (now in Pakistan). Tejā Siṅgh completed his schooling at Fazīlkā and then went to Lahore where he received his Master's degree in English literature in 1900 from Pañjāb University, studying at Government College. At Lahore he also took the Law degree. His first appointment was as headmaster of the Anglo-Sanskrit High School, Bherā. He was vice-principal of the Khālsā College at Amritsar when he received the rites of initiation at the hands of Sant Atar Siṅgh of Mastūāṇā (1906), receiving the Name of Tejā Siṅgh. Sant Atar Siṅgh sent him abroad, along with four other young Sikhs, for higher studies. In August 1906 Tejā Siṅgh joined the University College, London, but left it without completing the course to join the Teachers College, Columbia University, in the U.S.A., to train as a teacher. From Columbia, he transferred himself to Harvard when he got his A.M. in 1911. Along with his academic work, Tejā Siṅgh had continued preaching the gospel of Gurū Nānak. To this end he had, when in London, established a Sikh Jathā, and when in the U.S.A., lectured extensively in that country as well as in Canada.

        Returning to India, he settled down at Mastūāṇā, the headquarters of Sant Atar Siṅgh. Briefly he was at Bhasauṛ, not far from there, teaching at the Sikh women's college. He served as principal of the Gurū Nānak Khālsā College from 1917-19. For a brief spell he also worked as principal of Teachers' College at Banāras Hindu University (1920-21). He was the founder principal of Akāl Degree College, Mastūāṇā, an institution, aiming, as Sant Atar Siṅgh had willed, at combining humanistic study with crafts and mechanics.

        Sant Tejā Siṅgh attended, in 1910, the Congress of Free Christianity and Religious Progress at Berlin, set up by the Unitarian Church of Chicago. In 1956, he participated in the 8th Conference of Religion for World Peace held in Japan contributing a paper entitled, "The Way to Establish World Peace." His major publication was biography in Punjabi of Sant Atar Siṅgh (Languages Department, Paṭiālā, 1970).

        Sant Tejā Siṅgh died at the village of Chīmā on 3 July 1965.


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