ṬHĀKAR SIṄGH, BHĀĪ (1890-1921), one of the Nankāṇā Sāhib martyrs, was the son of Bhāī Indar Siṅgh and Māī Atar Kaur of the village of Māṇak Ghumman, in Jalandhar district. In the hope of a better living he migrated to Chakk No. 91 Dhannūāṇā, district Lyallpur, in the Lower Chenāb Canal Colony, and settled on an agricultural farm he had rented. Most of the colonizers of this village had come from Jalandhar district. Ṭhākar Siṅgh had felt at home here from the very beginning and soon became very popular for his open and polite manner. Dhannūāṇā was a village which had become politically very alive under the influence of Akālī reformation.

        Like other Akālī activists of the village, Ṭhākar Siṅgh joined the jathā of Bhāī Lachhmaṇ Siṅgh Dhārovālī and fell a martyr under the shower of bullets from the opponent of reform (20 February 1921).


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Gurcharan Siṅgh Giānī