VADHĀVĀ SIṄGH, BHĀĪ (d.1924), son of Bhāī Jhaṇḍā Siṅgh, Gill Jaṭṭ, and Māī Dharam Kaur of village Chaṛik. He was the only son of his parents. He never married. He was illiterate, and had strong religious inclinations. At the age of 40, he took the vows of the Khālsā at the hands of Sant Giānī Sundar Siṅgh Bhiṇḍrāṅvāle. He joined, the shahīdī jathā (band of volunteers vowed to do-or-die) of Akālī volunteers marching to Jaito. Reaching Jaito on the morning of 21 February 1924, the jathā was subjected to rifle and machinegun fire. A bullet hit Vadhāvā Siṅgh in the chest and he died almost instantaneously. His dead body was taken possession of by the Nābhā state police and disposed of in a mass cremation of the victims of the massacre.


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Gurcharan Siṅgh Giānī