VARYĀM SIṄGH, BHĀĪ (1883-1921), one of the Nankāṇā Sāhib martyrs, was the son of Bhāī Būṭā Siṅgh and Māī Mahitāb Kaur of Harīpur, in Jalandhar district. He attended the high school up to the fifth standard learning to read and write Gurmukhī. He grew up into a good looking, healthy young man. He joined the army and served in the 22nd Punjab Battalion, where he underwent the initiation rites of the Khālsā. He left service because of his wife's ill health. He rejoined the army, this time the Singapore Military Police where he was promoted nāik (corporal), but his own health deteriorated and he got his discharge after ten years of service. He then settled down as a draper in Chakk No. 91 Dhannūāṇā in Lyallpur district. Inspired by Bhāī Sundar Siṅgh Jathedār of his village, he joined the jathā of Bhāī Lachhmaṇ Siṅgh of Dhārovālī and died in the firing in the compound of Gurdwārā Jānam Asthān on 20 February 1921.

        He was survived by his two minor sons Harī Siṅgh and Jasvant Siṅgh upon whom the Shiromaṇī Gurdwārā Parbandhak Committee settled a pension of Rs.175 per annum.


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Gurcharan Siṅgh Giānī