WAZĪR KHĀN (d.1634) is the name popularly given by Sikh chroniclers to Hakīm 'Alim ud- Dīn, son of Shaikh 'Abd ul-Latīf of Chinioṭ, a town now in Jhaṅg district of Pakistan Punjab. Trained as a physician, he rose in favour with Emperor Shāh Jahāṅ, who created him a manśabdār of 5000 zāt and sowār and appointed him governor of Lahore in 1628, which office he held until 1633. Wazīr Khān was a pious man and an admirer of Gurū Arjan. He had, as says Bhāī Santokh Siṅgh, Srī Gur Pratāp Sūraj Granth, felt great relief listening to the Gurū's Sukhmanī when suffering from dropsy. Since that day he had learnt to reverence Gurū Arjan. His efforts to plead on behalf of Gurū Arjan in Emperor Jahāṅgīr's court and shield him against the malice of Chandū Shāh had been in vain.

        In 1633, Wazīr Khān, was transferred to Āgrā as governor. He died there in 1634.


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